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Southwestern Chicken - Three Ways

Weeknight dinners are a challenge, it is difficult to find meals that are quick, budget friendly, but still delicious. Today's chicken recipe meets all the criteria - it only requires a few ingredients, couldn't be simpler, and it is full of flavor. I use a spicy salsa and taco seasoning to give it a nice kick, but you could use milder versions if spicy flavor is not your thing.
The recipe made enough chicken for us to enjoy it for a few meals. As a new mom who is now staying home full time, I'm budget conscious and have found our food and grocery costs are one area where we can pull back some. We are focused on smarter shopping, not wasting ingredients, and being more intentional about using our leftovers. Leftovers are a bit boring after a while, but we like to switch it up during the week and use the chicken in different dishes.
We've used this chicken to make my favorite quesadillas,....

...chicken tacos (just add tortilla shells and your favorite add-ins like che…

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