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Family Traditions with a Dash of Cinnamon

Maybe it is because I enjoy cooking, but some of my fondest memories from childhood tend to be food related. My favorite cake and mints that were served at countless weddings in our community. Homemade noodles my grandma made. My mom's delicious fried chicken. The lasagna my theater group had every year on opening night. Certain smells and tastes take me back to a special time and place. There are even some traditions I am already starting to carry on through my cooking. Every year for Christmas we would have an Italian cream cake that a lady in our church made. I now bake one for Christmas to honor her memory and keep the tradition alive.
One of my favorite food memories, though, was making cinnamon biscuit bears with my mom. Every so often on a holiday, or when we were having a particularly bad day, my mom would pull out a can of biscuit dough and some cinnamon sugar. While most people might see a can of biscuits, my mom saw something creative and magical. She would help us pul…

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